“The documents that have been provided by The Language Connection thus far have been¬†excellent!¬† I really appreciate that your team seems to have reviewed these documents for completeness prior to sending them to me.” – local trauma center


“Congratulations on your surge of business! I look forward to assisting if I can!” – asl interpreter


“I have been traveling…and am now cleaning house with my emails and finding hidden gems. I appreciate this very much. Clearly sharing this helps all of us do a better job, but I want to thank you once again for all the resources that you share…I love your new series of e-mails about ‘Online does not have to mean inaccessible’, and in general your newsletter approach to managing your interpreting pool, and keeping connected” – a valued interpreter


With respect to interpreter credential audits, “…better than most!” – local hospital organization


“When it comes to working with people of all cultures, Language Connection, LLC staff is the best.” – local private hospital


“Tanya is amazing!” – just about everyone


“Alfonso is wonderful!” -just about everyone, too


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