Additional Services

Proofreading, Editing, Back Translation and Localization

The Language Connection offers Proofreading, Editing, and Localization services at competitive rates informed by language, difficulty of text, and extent of editing desired.

Cultural Consultation

From health care concerns to employee issues such as sexual harassment, The Language Connection provides Cultural Consultation in one-hour increments for a wide variety of situations and needs.

 Telephonic Interpreting

The Language Connection charges a fifteen minute minimum for all telephonic services to medical facilities in the Seattle area and a thirty minute minimum for all non-medical services and medical services outside of the Seattle area. Courtesy calls are frequently offered free of charge prior to an in-person interpreting appointment. The average telephonic interpretation lasts less than fifteen minutes ensuring extremely competitive pricing compared to pay-per-minute programs many businesses currently utilize.

Narration and Voice-overs

The Language Connection maintains a library of voice talent available for client review and selection for media production. Voice talent can be provided for a minimum of two hours at a time. Prices for union talent are negotiated on a per job basis. Additional charges may include studio time, editing and recording administration.

The Language Connection recommends entering the recording studio only after it’s been determined the extent of linguistic support and editing the project will require and translations have been made.

Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing

It is highly recommended that a briefing be held with the interpreter or that important vocabulary be otherwise transmitted to the interpreter prior to the conference date in order to achieve a smooth, successful teleconference meeting.

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