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School District Focus

Summertime is a great time to prepare for interpreting for School Districts and a perfect time to purchase K-12 glossaries that are available on TLC’s website for only $5.00. It’s important to be ready when the flood of requests comes in and you find yourself with a full schedule, sometimes helping multiple LEP parents navigate their child’s school’s Parent/Teacher conferences.

Compliments of participating local School Districts TLC has provided these downloads annually to interested interpreters for a small fee. Now it can be purchased year round to enhance interpreter’s vocabulary with respect to K-12 learning, special education, special needs, gifted programs, and more. These terms may be difficult to retrieve on the spot, even with Google Translate or a great dictionary, so their availability here is invaluable to the conscientious Interpreter. We recommend them highly!

Dept. of Corrections Update

Have you already acquired your new Dept. of Corrections Interpreter identification card? If so, please update us with a copy of your proof of completion by emailing it to or faxing it to (425)277-0065. Thank you! Please indicate which DOC you prefer to work at so that we may notify them that it is on file. You may send these preferences to for follow-up.

2 hour Minimum for New Contract

Also, please note that King County BHRD is now pairing up with the DES contract that provides a 2 hour minimum with a post-commission rate of $41/hour (plus mileage) for DSHS Certified/Authorized Interpreters ($32 for non-cert). We welcome you to share this information with a fellow Certified Interpreter available for this social services work.

Interpreters are Helping!

Since our last post this week, more than 30 interpreters have responded to the need for volunteer interpreters by phone or video-remote in Houston! That shows how committed our readers are to helping others who have survived Hurricane Harvey. Nice job! Please keep sharing the link!

Here’s the link to share for signing up.

We so often hear about disparities in healthcare due to language barriers, and what a way to address these needs head on!

Thank you!  And have a wonderful Labor Day.

Interpret by Phone or VRI for Hurricane Victims

Many of us would like to assist those who have sought refuge from Hurricane  Harvey’s path. 

To volunteer by phone or video-remote, here is one link where you can start – “dozens of languages” are needed.     The sign-up page is right here.

From Humble, Texas


When one prominent furniture store owner opened his shop and warehouse to people displaced by Hurricane Harvey, he said “to heck with profits!” – these people needed somewhere to rest. Don’t you agree? The successful Texan held back tears when sharing in his southern drawl, “It’s what my parents would have done.”

Of course, we all still have to make a living and have personal and family expenses, but hopefully we can all pitch in and make a difference along the way. Please SHARE this with your interpreter friends and colleagues. And THANK YOU for doing so.

LTC Changes – IMPORTANT for WA State Certified/Qualified Interpreters

Seasoned interpreters who may be busy helping their communities could some day find their DSHS Certification or Qualification nullified by LTC if they are not following LTC news about annual CE credits. You may watch LTC’s 2017 Required Ethics credit (only 1 of DSHS’s new required 20 credits for DSHS interpreters) that is only available this year, right here:

The Language Connection, LLC would like to thank UW Medical Center’s Linda Golley for bringing this to our attention.

If you wish to contact LTC about the ethics training that you missed in 2016, and is no longer available online you may email your concern to LTC here. as it appears that your DSHS Certification/Qualification will automatically expire if you did not complete it before 2017.

Providence SW

We are pleased to announce that TLC begins a brand new contract this week with Providence of SW Washington serving Olympia, Centralia and other parts of the southwest region. Please visit our Washington page that has links to Providence’s Online Orientation pages and an Attestation Form that interpreters who wish to accept these jobs must download and print to return to our office to keep on file. We look forward to this expansion and the opportunities that come with working alongside each other. We aim to “keep it real” in spite of our reliance on technology and hope to hear from you often.

Washington Summer

Getting Organized

The Language Connection is proud to launch this new portal, that can bring together useful tools for both interpreters and those who work with interpreters to serve those with limited English proficiency (LEP) within the US.

We welcome your suggestions, glossary submittals and other links that can help interpreters thrive in today’s marketplace. “Please like” our links to share these resources with others. As new subscribers are added on we will add a page for each state’s specific interpreter standards.


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